Dream Compositions Blackeye

dream photo


Blackeye was of course the "baddie" in "Dream". He had a pirate ship called "The Mudplugger", I think I would've imagined it to be like "The Black Pearl" from "The Pirates of the Caribbean" films. I wanted to make him a little dark but also have some humour in there, so you can hear a bit of a shanty going on in the middle section of the piece. Also I wanted to get across the idea that he thought of himself as grand and honourable even though he was far from it!

I actually wrote a song for him to sing, it was sung by one of the artists at Rare, who could manage a good pirates accent, and I had a pirates chorus that consisted of some of the team, I have to say we thought it was hilarious........sadly I don't seem to be able to find it anywhere, I'm hoping I'll be able to track it down, I'd love to put it up here for you all to have a listen too!